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Empowerment, Education, Enrichment & Encouragement are the missions of the Behold Beauty Corporation, established in 2014 after more than a decade of research and trial and error.

In 2005, Our Founder & CEO, Danielle Bonner did a big chop and pixie twisted her hair. This was a defining moment for her as she had lived her life relying on her hair as a statement maker, which was a far cry from the inch-long twists that remained by the end of that transformation day. She hated it!  She eventually embraced the phases of the “growth” process as normal and necessary for emotional, spiritual and physical growth. Danielle realized that these phases were very complex ones often missed by those who chose to alter their natural hair texture.  It was through the four E’s Danielle fell back in love with her mane and was inspired to learn more about the products she used.

Fast forward to 2009, now living in the unpredictable weather of central North Carolina, Danielle and her family began to struggle in the warmer environment with moderate to severe eczema. There was nothing in the marketplace that would tame the itch nor restore the damaged skin.  It was then that the popular BUTTERY SILK was born and other skin care products soon followed. Simultaneously, Danielle began to have problems with her scalp; believing that her locs were now too heavy she had them trimmed, but this did not alleviate the scalp problems. After discussing the issue with her stylist and medical professionals Danielle discovered that her painful scalp was severely dry. She was prescribed a treatment and although it worked well it was full of chemicals many of which were carcinogenic. Danielle researched for weeks to determine a more natural remedy for her ailing scalp. This was the beginning of the haircare division and the birth of SCALP THERAPY.

Today, Behold Beauty Corp. of Durham, NC is the parent company of Behold Beauty Care & Behold Beauty Supply in Burlington, NC. The latter, is a haven for national and other local beauty care brands. The future is bright for Behold Beauty; stick around and watch us grow! 

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